Why do we love the Nottingham area?

People who have seen Nottingham have known the charm that lies on this land. Rolling hillsides and an ancient forest surround a rich city which visitors from all the world want to see as well. We love the peope of Nottingham and we want to do the best for every single one of them to have the house that they deserve. Seeing happy people and happy families in Nottingham is what pulls us forwards.

We understand that it is not always easy to have your own house. Sometimes, all you can afford is an old building, damaged and deteriorated, to call home. Sometimes, you can't even buy a property at all, and you are stuck at an old family house that has had its day. We want to see everyone in Nottingham grow and conquer new horizons, and we know that, in some cases, people need a helping hand.

We will regenerate your housing project

Do you have a dream of a better place, a dream that you feel you can't reach? Is money the problem, is pricing the problem? The Greater Nottingham Partnership offers its fund to support your project. Don't let it fade in oblivion. Bring it back to the present. What is is that you aim for? Dare to dream again. Now, we turn dreams into projects. You have our support, this time the story will be different.

We offer our aid and guidance to make you see how you can make the transaction happen. If you don't have money, we will help you. If the prices are too high -which they usually are- we will manage a greater price for you. We will use our contacts, talk to the right people, and take you to your next home.

Let's talk. Let's make it happen.

We believe that everyone in the world deserves a proper place to live in. Especially if they have children, family, a project for the future. Don't let go of your hopes, rather hold on to them, because now they become possibilities. It is in you, and in you only, to make your first step towards the house of your dreams.


If you want to talk to us, we will be happy to spare time for your story and your aims. Call us on the number on top of this page or request a callback. We will contact you within the next 2 working days. Feel free to ask any question, we will love to hear from you. We are here to help and we love doing so.

 You can also write to us using the handy contact form that we provide. Send us your enquiry and we will be in touch in the glimpse of an eye. We are looking forwards to hearing from you! Talk to us about your dreams and housing projects. We will guide you and support you and we will make it happen. Dare to dream again, because your wishes will become goals.


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New owners.

"I knew my children couldn't live in our old house anymore when the ceiling literally fell to the floor. I was desperate because I knew I couldn't afford anything else. I can't thank GNP enough for making this possible. I was so afraid and now I am so peaceful."
Wendy Olson

"Our new house is amazing. Mommy and daddy always work so hard but they taught me that sometimes getting some help is good too. And I'm happy they did it because I love our new place. I love GNP because they are good people."
Lloyd Carlson

"Being a single mother is very hard. Your children lighten up your life and you wouldn't trade them for anything in the world, but it's difficult. You need support to give them the best, what they deserve. I am so relieved to have GNP in my life. They did it. They made it possible."
Lara Schwing

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