If Your House Is Not Selling Is It Always The Price That Is To Blame?

Trying to sell your house

Why do people sell their real estate properties? There are many reasons, some of them related to the need of money and some of them due to other sorts of events in life. This will impact in the rush that each seller will have to complete the transacion. If you are selling your house because you need the money to pay the mortgage of another house that you have just bought, perhaps you will be in a tight schedule and you will want the sale to be performed as soon as possible. If you want to sell your property because you already have another place to live in and you would rather have the cash for which it is worth than a property in which you do not live, perhaps you can relax and wait a couple months until somebody shows interest.

However, the problem arises when you want to sell your house as soon as possible but either nobody shows interest in buying it or the ones who do show interest never end up purchasing it. You should wonder why this happens, in order to figure it out and solve the problem. 

It is easy to think "maybe I am asking for too much money and this is disencouraging people". Well, that explanation might be totally or partially the cause of the problem. But there are other reasons why people buy some properties and not others. Therefore, first you need to work out why it isn\'t selling and a professional salesperson or marketing advisor can give you a hint on what the problem could be. There are some things that you can check by yourself, though. Here is quick list of ideas for you to try and figure out why your property is not selling.

Other reasons why you property might not be selling

Selling is about convincing somebody else that something is worth their money. Therefore, the key to selling your house is to make people think that what they see -again, what they SEE- is worth what you are asking for it. The looks and appeal of a property is of capital importance in these transactions. How can you know if the equation works? Here are some ideas.

First, remember that yours is not the only property available for potential buyers. There are other houses and flats around and people will go see them too. Does your property stand out of the rest? Does it look better than the other properties in your area?

Doing a quick research will help you realise where you are standing. Pretend that you are a potential buyer and go check on other properties. Talk to other clients and ask them what they think of them. Why would they buy them? Why whould they not? Take notes and compare those properties with yours. Focus on: pricing, looks, location, and any aspect that buyers consistently point out.

Secondly, make your house more tempting to people. Do some home improvement and house staging. It has to look tempting. Replace an old carpet, paint the walls, arrange the garden, tidy up, make sure that every lightbulb works. The better the house looks, the more appealing it will be, and the better it works, the less money buyers will have to invest on fixing it. 

For more tips on how to sell your house, check these 7 good tips to take note of.

Try a different kind of deal

There are some companies that purchase properties as an investment. They usually offer less money that people who want to buy the property for themselves, but the great advantage of these companies is that they usually offer very quick deals. If you do some Internet research, you will find the best we buy any house company.  This way, you can sell your house fast and get a cash offering instead. 

These companies usually appraise your property as a free service. They use this technique to encourage you to sell them your house right away and to consider them as clients. Remember to check the terms and conditions before accepting these deals, because some companies make you sign a compromise through which you are entitled to sell your property to them and them only, even if you don't like the offering that they make. However, some other companies offer free appraisal with no obligations. Go for those ones.

Remember, again, that these buyers often offer less money than the market price, because they are buying these properties as an investment. If you are willing to sell at a lower price in exchange of an immediate transaction, this could be a good idea for you.

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